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The ,  will be available in stores this Friday, but preordering it now may save you hundreds of dollars. The  starts at a hefty price tag — $1,099 for 128GB of storage. But some carriers are with a qualifying trade-in (more below). For many, getting the best price on Apple’s new phone now will be worth the wait for your iPhone 13 of choice to ship. 

Some preorders will start shipping by this Friday, Sept. 24. However, the iPhone 13 release is so popular that , and some iPhone 13 Pro Max orders won’t arrive until Oct. 20 at the earliest. You can wait in line at the Apple Store or Best Buy on Friday, but you may not get the best deal.

The brawny full retail price tag and shipping timelines may convince you to just  on your current phone until the shopping frenzy dies down (you’re not alone, I’m doing it, too). However, there are a few hardware updates that make the iPhone 13 a hot commodity, including that  (finally, more space), a new  with Cinematic mode (Apple claims it looks just as sharp as what you see in movie theaters), a more powerful  and 

With the iPhone 13, Apple also splashes out into new color territory (depending on the model) — . Two  and the  are also coming soon if you’re not sold on the new phone.    


The new iPhone 13 is on sale now. We have the prices for all four models.


There are some pretty big deals going on now that may make the phone worth the cost. AT&T and Verizon are even offering a . I’ll share some of the best limited-time offers that can save you hundreds by trading in your old phone now and even score some extra cash or a new HomePod Mini. We update this story with new preorder and pricing information from carriers and retail stores.

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