Auraqua has developed a natural skin care line that helps your body regain its natural glow. Superior nutrients with the support of your body self-healing mechanism are the key to healthier, younger looking skin. Auraqua formulas are derived from only the finest botanical ingredients and are designed to feed your skin at cellular level with the purest, cleanest and most effective natural food, for deepest rejuvenation, repair and protection.

Your Skin's Perfect Fit

Get brighter, clearer and softer skin with just one sheet of clinical-grade Aquamarine Lipomask Crystalized Bio Cellulose Mask.


Naturally Extracted Ingredients to Feed Your Skin

Sustain youthful skin with advance technology and active plant ingredients.


Renew Skin With Twice a Day Application

A powerful series of skin care collection that is safe for use even during pregnancy. It is possible to get visibly repaired skin that will last.

Restore & Fortify

100% natural body care,
caring more than your skin.



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