What people are saying

Upon giving birth, I noticed I’ve gained some weight and I have neck lines over the years. Saddened by the way I look in the mirror, my confidence level has depleted too. While I have tried working out and Gua Sha treatment, none have proven effective until I used Auraqua’s Embrace Cream. The result was phenomenal because not only has it helped lighten my neck lines, it has reduced my neck’s puffiness effectively and I’ve finally regained my confidence once again!

Gavy Lau

I am a light sleeper and sleep deprived because of my chaotic work life and I have tried various methods to induce myself to sleep, however to no avail. One day, I was recommended by a colleague to use Embrace Cream by Auraqua and upon the third day of using it, I noticed that my sleep quality has improved and I did not wake up in the middle of the night like I used to.

Leann Thing

During the Genkilogy treatment, Embrace Cream was used to help reduce the appearance of our armpit fat and bra bulge which most people are struggling with as we do not look good in our clothings either. Over time, I noticed that the treatment has helped remedy the problem substantially and I will continue to do this treatment as it has proven effective for me.

Chong F.T.

It is said that neck lines reveal a women’s age and the condition of my neck lines have been severe all this while, with darkening of the lines around my neck. I started using Embrace Cream for the long term and now I observe that my neck lines have reduced tremendously.

Loh S.F.