Blemished, Dull and Dehydrated skin?

Think Your Blemishes, Dullness And Dryness Can’t Be Fixed With Just Face Mask?

It can be! And that’s why celebrities, beauty gurus and bloggers world-wide are crazy about face mask.

BUT! To fix your problems effectively, face mask requires 2 important elements.

The Ingredients Of The Mask

The Material Of The Mask

Cotton Face Mask

Bio Cellulose Mask

One Sheet

All you need to effectively deliver all the nutrients into your skin to correct blemishes, dullness and dryness.

Skip Endless Bottles Of Expensive Skincare Products To Get Your Glow On

Solve all your skin problems with Aquamarine Mask

Natural deep-sea plant extract
Dermatologist-approved Bio Cellulose fabric
Suitable even for sensitive skin
Continuous intensive hydration
Absorbs impurities
Super gentle on skin

S$ 70

5 reasons why Aquamarine Mask is all the hydration your skin will need.

1. Natural deep sea Aquamarine extract

To restore skin’s hydration level and normalized damaged skin cells.

2. Breathable material that sits tightly to your skin

For rich ingredients and active oxygen to penetrate deep into pores while drawing out impurities.

3. Promotes absorbency of the pores

With specially-engineered material into the epidermis and dermis.

4. Superb expansibility and thickness

To hold 75ml of precious face essence and fit every face shape and size.

5. Unique fabric that doesn’t sucks moisture out of skin

To restore hydration continuously into your skin even after a long period of time.

Ingredients For Plump And Glowing Skin

Aquamarine powder

Heals, soothes, deeply hydrates and deliver nutrients into skin


Replenishes firmness to sagging skin

Propylene glycol

Delivers and locks in moisture

Licorice flavonoids

Reduces redness and inflammation

Acidic fibroblast growth factor (AFGF)

Encourages growth of cells and secretion of collagen

Molecular active ingredient

Repairs damages, soothes discomfort and intensely hydrates

Epidermal growth factor (EGF)

Promotes growth and regeneration of skin cells

The Perfect Fit For Skin-Quenching Boost Of Moisture

Leave no skin behind for long-lasting moisture, glow and softness. Even for sensitive skin.

Bio-Cellulose Fiber Facial Mask

Originally manufactured solely for medical applications to treat burns and chronic wounds, biocellulose is an all-natural material that will fit every contour of your pores.

Highly Popular Medical-Grade Ultra-Hydrating Facial Mask To Get Your Glow On!

Loved by celebrities and individuals, Bio Cellulose mask is breaking the beauty scene! Best used on sensitive skin or stressed skin, the unique fibers distribute deep moisturization into your skin, keeping skin incredibly soft, plumped and hydrated!

How Does Aquamarine Powder Perfect Your Skin?

The face mask should be infused with Aquamarine powder botanical plant extract derived from feets under the sea to make the aforemen- tioned problems go away in just a single treatment.

So, if you don’t want to see your skin tired and aged anymore without spending tons of money, try a sheet of Aquamarine Mask with Aquama- rine powder to wake your skin up!

Fix Blemishes, Dullness And Dryness With Just One Sheet Of Face Mask.


Aquamarin Bio Cellulose Mask

S$ 70