AU Nano Gold Kit – 9 Gold Flakes & 3 Gold Boosters

RM 1,338.00

9 Gold Flakes & 3 Gold Boosters



This ultimate luxurious anti-aging treatment is infused with pure 24K Gold to stimulate cell renewal and prolong the youth of the skin. Intensely transformed, skin is deeply regenerated and visibly flawless, firmer with ultimate clarity and luminosity.

Gold Boosters
An ultimate luxurious anti-aging treatment set that is infused with 24K gold instantly lift and firm skin, repair damaged skin and re-energize skin natural glow. Designed to effectively combat all aging signs. It helps stimulate collagen production which prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It contains 24K gold microparticles which strengthens skin barriers and improves firmness and elasticity, giving you a fresh, radiant glow.

Gold Flakes
Infused with 24k gold flakes for intense soothing, hydration and a healthy-looking glow. Penetrates quickly into skin to deeply nourish skin while visibly firming and brightening skin. Suitable for aging, fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin.

Direction of Usage:
Use the product before moisturizer/cream. If use with gold flake, wash face first. Then, apply the product and massage until it is completely absorbed.