Auraqua Premium Kit

RM 568.00



Premium Kit Set is created from the combination of botanical plant extract and crystal gem Aquamarine. This natural aquamarine-infused concentrated blend adheres perfectly to your skin and has powerful moisturizing effects to enhance hydration, whitening and cell renewal for a radiant complexion. Works most magically for people with all skin type.


1. Soothing Milk: Cleanse skin with a cotton pad and massage gently then rinse well.
2. Soothing Cleanser: Apply with soothing cleanser onto a damp face and neck. Massage and rinse with warm water.
3. Soothing Toner: Apply the toner on the cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck.
4. 3x Nano Gold Booster: Massage to the skin. Completely adsorbed.
5. 2x Illumine Moist + Mask: Unfold the mask and place it on face about 10-15 minutes.