Wellbeing Detox Scrub

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Well Being Detox Scrub is made up of fine ingredients and is very rich in natural minerals, plant extracts, medicinal essence oils and refined deep sea salt. It is effective in eliminating body odour, carry out deep cleansing for the skin and has detoxifying functions. Well Being Detox Scrub can remove stubborn cuticles, helps to stimulate and accelerate cellular metabolism as well as balancing the body’s pH level. Skin whitening effect can be achieved after a single use without affecting the loss of water in the body.

Active Ingredients:
Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil
Zinger Officinalis Leaf Oil (Ginger)
Patchouli Essential Oil

Direction of Usage:
Apply to whole body, such as the back, inside of the arm, abdomen and inner thighs, apply Warmth Essence in Step2 for achieve optima result.

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